Man Quits Internet, I Am Jealous

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04/08/2010 4:33 PM |


So, of course, are many of the commenters to this (ironic!) Slate stunt diary, from the graphic novelist James Sturm, who wants to be less plugged-in and more present for the next four months.

The top comment is my favorite:

One could, of course, change their lifestyle and come to resemble a hardened survivalist subsisting solely on bare communicating essentials—newspapers, snail mail, land line telephones—but the amount of work and sacrifice required to sustain it makes me think that one , after a period, will likely come to a second moment of bewilderment and wonder what it was they were trying to prove.

The fact that pontificators can now straight-facedly equate “reading the newspaper” with “survivalism” seems to me to be a pretty good argument for the necessity of this stunt, really.