Militia Member Is Also Naked Auteur of Terrible Amateur Movies

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04/02/2010 10:40 AM |


Jonny’s abrupt departure for the Paris desk of the Toronto Star means that I, as the L’s film editor, am now on the “home videos posted to YouTube by insurrectionist Christian militiamen” beat. So it’s down to me to link to a video from yesterday that is either a psychotically elaborate April Fool’s prank by Talking Points Memo, or a five-minute amateur movie by, and starring, Kristopher Sickles (pictured), a member of the Hutaree, who stars as a fat guy wearing nothing but a picture of George W. Bush over some of his genitals, and is attacked by a dildo-wielding, diaper-wearing duck-man, who emerges from the woods to the strains of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” (and farting). Not Safe for Work, unless of course you happen to work at a blog and it’s your job to watch and comment on these things.

Political commentary and cinematic analysis after the jump!

This sort of got lost yesterday—TPM posted it early, but it was then taken down from YouTube, and TPM had to spend most of the day getting it onto before plugging it on their home page.

As TPM’s Zachary Roth observers, “the film — shockingly puerile, yet strangely compelling — complicates our picture of Sickles. Indeed, its near-nudity and crude sexual humor are an odd fit for a man who within the year would allegedly join up with members of a Christianist militia to “oppose by force the authority of the U.S. government.” Indeed, Sickles has just released a statement distancing himself from his alleged coconspirators.

This video may, as one TPM commenter observed, explain why other militia groups were eager to assist (or be seen to assist) federal authorities in arresting the Hutaree.

But I’m a film critic, and you want a review.

Well, the influence of Lucasfilm’s 1986 film maudit and hybrid duckman odyssey Howard the Duck is self-evident. The resourceful location shooting in some field, somewhere, reminds me of Roger Corman and many other 60s B-movie gurus’ inspired shoestring production design, and the dialogue is the best thing Kevin Smith has written in years: “Scar my tattered body no more with your punishing dildo mallet” is the next big catchphrase, I can’t wait to see it on T-shirts.

In truth, though, the self-exposing low-budget digital filmmaker’s closest contemporary analogue may be Caveh Zahedi.

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