Minor League Baseball Fans Are More Liberal Than Major League Baseball Fans, Science Has Proven

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04/02/2010 2:28 PM |


Gawker’s Alex Pareene posts this chart, from a GOP-affiliated research firm, of the political views and voting habits of sports fans. From it, we “learn” that golfers are rich powerful white guys, that fans of minor motor and extreme sports are apathetic libertarians, and that college football fans roast live pigs in parking lots before games.

Pareene notes that “Making the partisan divide-straddling bubbles as deep in color as the outliers is a bit misleading, GOP research firm, because it looks to us like basically everyone enjoys baseball and football.”

But you will note, based on their placement on opposite sides of the divide, that minor league baseball fans constitute a slightly more liberal, politically active subset of major league baseball fans. Why is this, do you think? Many reasons are possible—I’m not sure how fandom was gauged, but if it was “did you attend last year,” I can see more lower-income families seeing the Cyclones than the Mets. Additionally, MLB games are broadcast on national and regional television, whereas if you watch minor-league games you’re at the ballpark, and that often means that if you live in a red state (or region), you live close by the bluest part of it (go Boise Hawks! Go Arkansas Travelers! Go Omaha Royals!).

I however choose to believe that this is because minor league baseball is the preferred sport for cerebral secular young people who appreciate the experience as a slice of Americana on par with the diner, or else that baseball purists are intelligent and liberal.