More Nature Being Awesome: Octopus Grabs Diver’s Camera and Gives Chase

04/16/2010 12:48 PM |

Octopus steals camera

In my freshman philosophy course, Contemporary Moral Issues, when we came to the unit on animal rights, the prof asked us what intelligent animals we tend to empathize with, so I raised my hand and proclaimed: “Octopi!” That was the first and last time I spoke that semester. I still stand by my claim that the octopus is one of the smartest and mostest noblest animals there is, which scuba diver Victor Huang found out the fun way while filming a dive in New Zealand recently (video after the jump).

A beautiful, big octopus grabbed his camera and made a swim for it with the gadget still recording. Huang caught up with the animal a few minutes later, got his camera back and took the octopus for a ride. It’s the sweetest, coolest octopus video ever—the music helps. If only Professor Henley could see this, maybe he’d bump my C+ up to a B-. (TheDailyWhat)