National Poetry Month Means It’s Time to Get Drunk

04/02/2010 11:09 AM |

dylan thomas

So I don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but there are some writers out there who like to drink. Whaaaat? I know! So it being National Poetry Month and all, some folks at the Academy of American Poets (disclosure: those folks are me, I work there) got together with some of the city’s best mixologists (disclosure: I feel a little unsure of the word mixologist) to create Poetry Happy Hour.

How it works is that you go to a participating bar—PDT, Mayahuel, Savoy, Freeman’s, or Back Forty, for example—and order one of the poetry-related drinks, and you will get a snazzy little sheet of paper with the poem the drink is based on, plus the drink recipe. Drinking and learning!

Or for more at-home sort of fun, you can head here to check out the recipes and participating bars. So go get your Dylan Thomas on. April is the drunkenest month, etc. Poems!