New Bike Lanes on Hoyt and Smith Will Provide Safer Bridge Access

04/08/2010 9:34 AM |

New Hoyt and Smith Bike Lanes

Cyclists headed for the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and all points south won’t have to run quite such a daunting gauntlet much longer: sometime in the spring, the Department of Transportation will be adding green bike lanes on Smith between Bergen and 9th Street and Hoyt from Bergen to 3rd Street (as shown at right, in blue).

The new lanes, which will require the removal of a total of nine parking space, should provide safer connections from the area’s east-west lanes on Union, 3rd and 9th with the bridge approaches on Boerum Place. No word yet on how soon these lanes will be painted, but given how quickly the DOT is moving on other bike lane projects, sooner rather than later seems likely. (Brownstoner)

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  • Clinton & President :: Location where I was RUN DOWN in a bike lane, by a van making a perfectly legal left turn at a green light. Now I’m the asshole riding his bike 3mph on the sidewalk. It’s downright embarrassing. Especially when the old people (walking at the same speed) scream that it’s illegal.