New Issue of The L Magazine on Streets Today (Yup, We Still Do Print)

04/14/2010 3:26 PM |

The L Magazine

With all the blogging I do, and all the tweeting, and all the search engine optimizing (seriously, when I look at you all I see is your keywords), I forget that we’re actually a print magazine. And then every Thursday Wednesday when a new issue comes out I get really nervous about typos excited. Well, TODAY IS NO DIFFERENT.

The cover story on what is our putative Green Issue (sorta sick of those, wish we’d get to that post-Eco Conscious society already) is a fantastic profile of two young inventors who may have come up with a sustainable material that could save the world (no joke); this couldn’t come at a better time, considering the damage one little plastic fork can do. Staying with the eco thing, the Conscientious Objector is going to be recording every single useful thing she finds in the trash, and even eating some of it. On the non-green side of things, MGMT’s new record is pretty good, as is Sam Lipsyte’s new book (but not so Ian McEwan’s).

Oh, and Fassbinder.