Newly Discovered “Ninja Slug” Shoots “Love Darts” at Its Sex Partners

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04/22/2010 5:17 PM |

Ninja Slug, Ninja Slug.

  • Ninja Slug, Ninja Slug.

Among the hundred-plus new species discovered on Borneo in recent years as part of conservation efforts there, the Guardian reports, are a two-foot-long insect called “Chan’s Megastick,” a frog with no lungs, and a bird called the “spectacled flowerpecker.”


A long-tailed slug, dubbed “ninja slug”, was discovered on leaves in high-altitude forests, where the creature likes to wrap its long tail around its body while it rests. The slug is part of an unusual invertebrate family that uses chalky “love darts” in courtship. The tiny harpoons pierce and inject hormone into mates, and may increase the chances of reproduction.

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