NYC Leads Nation in Production of Jaded, Entitled, Prep School Jerks

04/30/2010 2:23 PM |

prep school

  • Josie and the Doughboys

Shocking. Five of America’s ten best prep schools are in New York (based on Ivy League acceptance rates, cocaine tolerance and access to liquid cash, among other things). So, in order, here are the high schools in NYC at which a year of education costs more than my entire four-year college degree: Trinity School (1), Horace Mann (2), Brearley (4), Collegiate (7) and Spence (9) (Dalton staggered in at number 13). So there you go, Tea Partiers, the Northeastern elites will continue to rule over you, forcing you to read Claire Messud, listen to Yo-Yo Ma, and eat truffles.

P.S. On a personal note, in the heartwarming vein of “dumb-ass public school boy does good,” my wife went to Spence. And yes, she’s smarter than me (but I can beat her in an arm wrestle).

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