Rev. Billy Arrested for Foretelling Mining Disaster

04/06/2010 4:36 PM |

Chase What Matters!!

  • Chase What Matters!!

Erstwhile mayoral candidate Rev. Billy was arrested on Easter Sunday after leading protests at two Chase locations in the East Village. Billy and his supporters were protesting JP Morgan Chase because it “has helped destroy more than 450 Appalachian mountains, deforested 800 square miles and polluted more than 1,200 miles of streams,” Courthouse News reported. Billy left mounds of real West Virginia dirt on the floors of Chase branches at St. Mark’s and Astor Place; he was arrested at the latter when he refused to clean up the dirt after police instructed him to do so. He and his group has been performing these dirt protests for weeks.

Two days after Billy’s arrest, the largest mining disaster in decades struck—where else?—West Virginia, leaving at least 25 miners dead.

Massey Energy, the company that operated the mine where the explosion occurred, has been cited for over 1300 safety violations in the last five years.

Who has a close financial relationship with Massey Energy? JP Morgan Chase, of course!

Sounds like the wrong person was put in jail on Sunday.

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  • Thank you Henry, and L Mag…this is an important fight against mountaintop removal and so far the fight hasn’t been taken too far out of Appalachia — whose most unique and diverse US ecosystem is being destroyed for coal….type ‘mountain top removal’ into youtube, and see it there. JPMorgan through Massey is using a long, extremely destructive and inhuman, earth shattering, straw.

  • yes, the wrong man went to jail.