Revelers at Brooklyn Museum Gala Will Bash Andy Warhol Head Piñata

04/16/2010 10:21 AM |

Andy Warhol pinata

On Thursday of next week, the Brooklyn Museum will host its annual gala event, the Brooklyn Ball, which this year celebrates the museum’s pooling of its costume collections with the Metropolitan Museum. The centerpiece of the building-wide bash will be food art by Jennifer Rubell (who was also behind the spectacular spread at the Performa kick-off last fall), including but not limited to: drinking paintings (?), suspended melting cheeseheads, and edible goodies packed inside a 20-foot piñata in the shape of Andy Warhol’s head (pictured). Warhol, incidentally, will be the subject of the BK Museum’s major summer show. I hope the piñata turns out to be full of Brillo soap boxes. (Flavorwire)