Robert Pattinson to Play Kurt Cobain?

04/09/2010 9:58 AM |


Gigwise is reporting that Courtney Love, who’s executive producing a Nirvana biopic tentatively titled All Apologies, has targeted the Twilight series’ Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain. This will have lots of people rolling their eyes, of course, but not me: I like R-Patts just fine, and I have no real reason to think he couldn’t pull it off as well as anyone. Also, at least it’s not fucking Jared Leto.

The really awesome thing about this story is the part where we learn that Courtney is “adamant” that she’s played by Scarlett Johansson, which, you know, totally makes sense. I’m currently producing a Mike Conklin biopic, and I’ve been adamant about being played by a combination of Johnny Depp, Steve McQueen and a young Sean Connery.

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  • “I like R-Patts just fine, and I have no real reason to think he couldn’t pull it off as well as anyone. Also, at least it’s not fucking Jared Leto.” oh dude stfu jared leto is way better than robpat

  • WTF?? Why are you hating on Jared Leto? He’s an awesome actor and looks more like Kurt Cobain than Robert Pattinson does. Honestly, I think either actor would be great in the part. Furthermore, Robert is friends with Jared, so I highly doubt he’d appreciate you bashing him. You really should get that green monster in check.

    hes a bad actor,and honestly is only liked because of his portrayal as edward in the twilight saga and thats the only reason people think he can do this,its not that damn hard to act like you have something up your ass and to talk really slow with no damn emotion,because thats all he does,he doesnt shine or glow or whatever thats the make up crew,he sucks and could never pull this off.
    this is insulting,and just a way for courtney love to make money off her widows legacy.

  • No, I am not satisfied with Robert Pattison, however popular he is.

    This role should have gone to Jared Leto as he can sing just like Kurt Cobain. Besides when Jared had coloured his hair blonde some time ago, he looked just like Kurt.
    So on the whole I think Jared would have been the best suited . I thought Courtney Love knew Jared very well, so she should have considered him first.

    Besides, Scarlett would have liked to see her former boyfriend Jared acting with her once again, as they are still friends !

  • That’s just bullshit! Robert Patt is such a newbie, he doesn’t deserve to play a heroe like Kurt Cobain was.
    otherwise.. ‘at least it’s not fucking Jared Leto’?! screw you! Jared’s a great actor and i think he can do a better job than Rob, he looks alike Kurt and at least he sings well. so stop saying bullshit, ok?
    I couldn’t believe when i saw the news saying that Scarlett n Rob were gonna play those papers.. just unbelievable. God bless America n save us all!


  • NO. they can’t disgrace Kurt Cobain’s name by casting robert fucking pattinson! he’s the idol of ten year-old twilight freaks and he damn sure won’t be the Nirvana fans’ idol, they’ll just pissed as hell. he can’t even fucking act as edward cullen, much less the legendary rocker, Kurt Cobain. Leto all the fucking way!

  • You know I’d love to see a movie about Cobain as much as the next person trust me. But I don’t think he’d want that. They just want to make money and that’s not what Cobain was about. Courtney doesn’t care who plays the roll, she just wants to get as many people to watch the movies as she can. Since Pattinson is big now then its obvious he’d attract people to the film. If I was Cobain I’d be really freakin unhappy :/

  • I think you are all complete losers the fact that you are so upset about either Jared Leto or Robert Pattinson protraying Cobain is sad to say the least, they are both equally great actors and great singers. This film shouldnt be being made in the first place, plus the film hasnt even been made yet so stay calm and take a deep breath it might not get made! Courtney Love is a disgrace, everybody knows that so relax its not the end of the world!