Sam Sifton Eats a Double Down, “Geek Paparazzi” Take Photos

04/12/2010 4:25 PM |


The best thing happening on the internet (in the world) today is the Eater coverage of New York Times food critic Sam Sifton’s coverage of KFC’s release of the much talked-about Double Down sandwich. On Friday, Sifton wrote that he’d be trying the sandwich for lunch today, and so Eater sent “operatives” to every single KFC in Manhattan, which is awesome. When he eventually turned up at the Herald Square location (dressed exactly how I imagine all Times writers are contractually obligated to dress at all times), photos were snapped. Sadly, they don’t catch him mid-bite, or even mid-chew, or even wiping his greasy hands on his trousers. Sifton has since published his review, and he even gets in a dig at the “geek paparazzi” hiding in the bushes. I love the world.