Shaq Recovers from Thumb Injury, Lipsynchs Rick James and Aaliyah While Preparing for Playoffs

04/12/2010 3:21 PM |

Shaquille O’Neal’s been on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench since a thumb injury in late February that was recently operated on (he’s expected back for the playoffs later this month, though), but in his time off he’s been doing vital work from home: epic videos of Shaq lipsynching “At Your Best” by Aaliyah and “Fire & Desire” by Rick James appeared online today. Be warned, both are pretty intense, with Shaq Diesel really getting into it, donning a perm wig for the latter and, weirdly, pouring a bottle of water on himself during the former—don’t get your computer wet, Shaq, that shit is expensive to repair! His tortured, Noh Theater-like facial expressions might be the best part, though. Here’s “Fire & Desire,” and click through the jump for “At Your Best.” (Urlesque)

And in case you care to compare (although, really, how could anything compare), you can watch videos of Rick James and Aaliyah performing their songs here and here, respectively.