The Great Bushwick Anarchist Raid of 2010: Video

04/15/2010 2:13 PM |

So, that anarchist raid I mentioned this morning? Turns out the woman quoted in the article, “Priya,” was, in fact, Priya Reddy, organizer of this weekend’s Anarchist Film Festival. I emailed Ms. Reddy for her take on things and she forwarded me what she wrote in reaction to the “raid” yesterday, which you can read after the jump. She also pointed out this Indymedia footage of the arrest itself. (Please note the absence of black balaclavas and Czarist agitators).

Ms. Reddy’s take on the events:

You know what’s really funny? NYPD downloaded, printed out the flier with the pope in bondage gear and a greek cop on fire, when they interrogated our friends about the film festival and bookfair. They arrested a crusty punk not connected with the film fest at all and asked him all kinds of questions while waving that flier in his face… Hilarious yes? but the police state is not an amusing matter. Everyone is out now. The cops did warn that they would “be back”. its just harassment. We did see black helicopters circling above for about 30 minutes. ridiculous! maybe its for a drug raid. who knows. it is bushwick after all. At least they didn’t send predator drones.

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  • Why does Officer Wiggums find it prudent to reiterate the fact that they are “just doing their job”? One would hope that it is understood when the blue uniforms are donned “their job” is all a police officer does, or is allowed to do. Oh, hope.

    Questionable events indeed.

  • do they mean occifer piggums?the nypd can go shove it