The L Presents Red Dawn at the Walter Reade Theater – Tickets On Sale Now

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04/08/2010 11:03 AM |

Can you see if the booze is really free down there?

  • “Can you see if the booze is really free down there?”

Two weeks hence—that’s Thursday, April 22, if you’re scoring at home—The L Magazine and Film Comment Selects will present a very special film at the Walter Reade Theater: John Milius’s arguable cult classic Red Dawn, surely the greatest movie ever made about a Communist invasion of Colorado, and the brave, extremely heavily armed resistance movement led by the high school football team, captained by the late great Patrick Swayze.

Come to Lincoln Center for the frothingly paranoid Reagan-era Us v. Them patriotism, the endless rounds shot off by AK-47-wielding teens, and the unforgettable cheese (“AVENGE ME!“). And stay, afterwards, for an afterparty featuring era-appropriate hip-hop, and an open bar.

Tickets are here, now. Go Wolverines!

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