The Spirit of the Red Hook Food Vendors Reborn in Open Air “Mercado”

04/30/2010 3:51 PM |

street food

It was a drag a few years ago when the city, in its infinite wisdom, decided to crack down on the 30-year tradition of the Red Hook food vendors (you know, open-air grills featuring Mexican street food in Red Hook Park…) forcing them to upgrade to food trucks (which, booo!) or go home.

Well, good news. The Red Hook “Mercado” is set to open on May 15, on private land, and will feature all the open-air delights that always made the trip down to the Hook worth it, plus a bunch of crafts and produce and other stuff. You know, like a Latin American mercado. The new market will be on Van Brunt Street between Coffey and Van Dyke.