The Star Wars: Uncut Trailer Is Full of Homemade Sci-Fi Deliciousness

04/12/2010 4:03 PM |

Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope

In case you’re not familiar, Star Wars: Uncut is a very ambitious project whereby the first Star Wars film, “A New Hope” (1977), has been sliced up into 473 15-second segments, each of which has been claimed and re-made, DIY-style, by teams of amateur filmmakers, nostalgic nerds, and ironic geeks. On Saturday the first trailer for Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope (embedded after the jump) was released ahead of planned upcoming NYC screenings.

It’s just as full of Lego , action figures, paper bag puppets, hilarious Princess Leia hair buns, DIY animation, found object robots and animals in costumes as you might hope. You can watch the 900 completed segments here, and the glorious four-and-a-half minute trailer below. (TheDailyWhat)