Tonight: Red Dawn, Free Booze and You, The Discerning L Magazine Reader/Drunk

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04/22/2010 11:04 AM |

In Soviet Colorado, free booze drinks you.

  • In Soviet Colorado, free booze drinks you.

The L Magazine (“Plying readers with cheap or free booze since 2003!”) would love it if you joined us tonight as we copresent a Film Comments Selects screening of Red Dawn tonight at the Walter Reade.

If the prospect of watching Patrick Swayze just cold killin’ Commies is not in itself enticement enough (what is wrong with you), you should also know that after the show is the afterparty, featuring 80s and 90s hip-hop and, yes, an open bar. You should come, unless you have anything better going on, like maybe you’ve been invited to this party where there’ll be an awesome movie showing and then you’ll get to drink for free.