Ur Tea Party Member Criticizes Ronald Reagan on Film

04/15/2010 3:39 PM |

tea party

I’ve been trying to avoid the Tea Party protests today because the incoherence and inconsistency of Tea Bag babble gives me shingles. However, I just watched the amazing Louis Malle doc, God’s Country (about the life of a Minnesota farm town between 1979 and 1985) and what should I discover at the end of said film? A bitter, anti-Semitic farmer complaining about taxes, talking about the possibility of armed revolt, and blaming a popular, charismatic president for ruining his life. Video evidence after the jump.

(You can skip ahead to 2:45 for Tea Party patient zero, though the farmers in the clip ahead of him are incredibly sympathetic in their articulations of a dying way of life. Thanks, Farm Bill!)

Here’s your Tea Party money quote, in case you can’t watch the video; though I strongly, STRONGLY, recommend you watch the clip at some point (and the whole movie, which is an amazing, bittersweet look at a dying America).

The only way we can change this county tax that we’re currently living under is to simply refuse to pay it. If the farmers get together and say “I won’t pay my taxes,” we will stop county government, we will stop the schools from operating. […] Basically, that’s what George Washington and his cohorts did.