Wall Street Journal Debuts NYC Metro Section with Plague of Rats Story

04/26/2010 1:13 PM |


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Rats! A plague of rats has descended upon New York City! This is bad news for human people living in New York but is actually pretty good news for the Wall Street Journal‘s brand new New York Metro section, which debuted today. BECAUSE EVERYBODY LIKES CREEPY-CRAWLY RAT STORIES.

So, we have here your basic “RATS!” story with various quotes from Upper East Siders who’ve seen rats—in the street, in the grocery, in the car—and some theories about why there seem to be more rats now then before (subway construction, abandoned buildings). It’s pretty rote, though the reporter must’ve flipped when he got this quote (the kicker): “We are, until 2018, in a living hell.” So, your new Wall Street Journal Metro section, reporting on the hell of the Upper East Side.

Other highlights of the section include what may be the most dismally uninspired slideshow teaser I’ve ever seen:

wall street journal

  • A soggy spring day? Yes please!