Watch Greenpeace’s Handy Earth Day Video

04/22/2010 10:04 AM |

Earth Day cartoon

Today is the 40th annual Earth Day, which I suppose makes it somehow extra-earthy, and behooves us all to be especially environmentally conscious and pro-active for the whole day. That means no clocking out a little early at quarter to five and driving home like it’s not still Earth Day, or refusing a plastic bag with your lunch but then getting a plastic lid on your afternoon coffee/tea/Styrofoam cup full of beer. Earth Day is about packing as many good environmental deeds into a day as possible to make up for a whole year of being less than sustainably saintly so that tonight, when Mother Earth comes down your solar panel, she doesn’t leave clean coal in your organic rubber stocking. You can start with an easy one: watch Greenpeace’s pretty new Earth Day video after the jump.