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  • Fyi: That site is no longer. Dadabot.net is the sauce. This one gets only the unpopular videos, which is pretty excellent.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the update on the web’s sub-subgenre of YouTube shufflers, Grepyy.

  • FlyHour.tv is the real sauce nowadays. It gets both the unpopular videos and the really popular ones. It also allows users to only be shown random videos within a specific category, and random videos with X or more views.

    For example, only be shown music videos with one million views or more.

  • The best site by far is FlyHour, http://www.flyhour.tv.
    It allows users to decide which category the youtube videos should be randomized from. it also allows users to decide to only show videos with x views or more.

    For example, a user can decide to only have music videos with 1 million views or more shown to him / her.