Watch This Beautiful Documentary Short About the Dying Art of Hand-Painted Advertisements

04/19/2010 4:53 PM |

Up There hand-painted advertisements short doc

Sure, it was bankrolled by Stella Artois, whose advertisement is very conspicuously being painted somewhere in Soho throughout the short, but the doc Up There, about the fast-disappearing practice of putting up hand-painted advertisements on city walls (increasingly replaced by pre-printed vinyl ads), is well worth 12 minutes of your time (watch it after the jump). Malcolm Murray’s short, prettily shot short offers a very effective little look into a tiny urban sub-industry, with all the attendant conflicts between mechanized, computerized production and the craft of the handmade original, complete with an Old Masters-ish years-long apprenticeship process. Learn all about it before it’s gone. (NOTCOT.ORG)