Well Obviously Antony Gormley’s Rooftop Statues Are Causing People to Call the NYPD About Jumpers

04/16/2010 1:51 PM |

Antony Gormley Event Horizon

British sculptor and installation artist Antony Gormley‘s current public art exhibition in, around and especially above Madison Square Park, Event Horizon (pictured), isn’t only the best exhibition ever titled after a mediocre mid-90s sci-fi thriller (apologies to the curator of Ron Mueck’s show Alien: Resurrection); the fiberglass and cast iron likenesses of Gormley perched on nearby rooftops and ledges are also causing lots of concerned folks to mistake them for real people and call the NYPD about suicide-attempters—10 jumpy callers since the show opened late last month, according to the AP. That’s one way to get people talking.