Why I Love Hockey Players: NHL’er Helps Strangers Hours After Heartbreaking Loss

04/30/2010 5:33 PM |

brooks laich

  • My new hero, Brooks “Wendel Clark” Laich.

I’m sorry, I’m trying not to do too many hockey posts (five a year, maybe?), but this story is so good, and pretty much spells out why I love hockey (and miss Canada sometimes). So, hours after scoring the only goal in his team’s shocking playoff series loss to Montreal, Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich (a good Saskatchewan boy, which is how all males from that province are described) stopped to help a Caps fan and her teenage daughter who were stranded on a bridge. Says the fan, who was wearing a jersey and had actually been at the game:

All I asked him to do was stay with us until the roadside service arrived. And then he’s asking me if I have a spare. Then he’s in the trunk getting the spare out. […] He just kept saying it was no big deal.

Attaboy, Brooksy.