Will This Summer’s World Cup in South Africa Be Spoiled By a Giant Race War?

04/05/2010 4:01 PM |

racism in sport

Buffoonish Aryan Nationalist Eugene Terre’Blanche (really, that was his real name?) was beaten to death Saturday in his northern South Africa home, allegedly by black farm laborers under his employ. Terre’Blanche was one of South Africa’s notorious racist ideologues, leader of the infamous Afrikaans white nationalist party, Weerstandsbeweging (pronounced “idiots), which he tried to lead into full-scale race war back in the early 90s as South Africa transitioned into a post-Apartheid society. Thankfully, it didn’t work (at one point Terre’Blanche fell of his horse as he ostentatiously led followers “into battle”).

South African leadership has voiced fears about the threat of retaliatory violence, particularly in light of the expected 400,000 tourists who will be arriving for the World Cup in July. Though AWB members have walked back from calls for out-and-out revenge, they still manage to say smart things like this (from Terre’Blanche’s brother): “We are not racists, we just believe in purity of race.”

As I keep saying, it’s going to be a hell of a summer.