With Over 200,000 Daily Cyclists, Biking in NYC Now a “Mainstream Mode of Travel”

04/26/2010 11:23 AM |

Biking in nyc

According to Transportation Alternatives‘ annual study estimating the number of cyclists in New York City, there were about 236,000 NYers biking in the city every day in 2009, up from roughly 185,000 in 2008, giving us the biggest cyclist population of any city in the country—take that!, Bicycling Magazine listicle.

TA spokesperson Wiley Norvell told CityRoom that even though the study might overstate numbers slightly for focusing on high bike-traffic spots like the East River bridges and the Hudson River Greenway, the increase clearly reflects a boom in bike commuters and recreational cyclists empowered by better bike infrastructure. And with more protected bike lanes and safety improvements in the works, the trend is bound to continue. So, how long before bikes get a dedicated bridge lane?