Would You Feel Relaxed on a Public Hammock on Governors Island?

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04/13/2010 5:02 PM |


The newly unveiled Governors Island Master Plan, with its ambitious topographical engineering and smart multi-use principles, is legitimately exciting and ambitious, for many of the reasons discussed in today’s Times; you should spend some time navigating the proposal if you haven’t. There is, however, one thing I’d like to draw your attention to: this proposed Hammock Grove near the center of the island (pictured, via the magic of Photoshop).

Now, I love hammocks, because I am by nature a lazy, placid soul. However. There’s a certain intimacy to the act of laying in a hammock, is there not? An intimacy which would perhaps be disrupted, if one were oh let’s say just for instance laying in a hammock among many other hammocks which the city of New York had affixed to trees in a public park, like so many Spaceboxes? Or am I just being unnaturally squeamish? Tell me your thoughts, I’m genuinely curious.