You Think Our Census is Rough? India Begins the Count to a Billion

04/01/2010 12:56 PM |

lots of people to count

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Have you filled out your census form? I have (mainly because Christopher Guest’s improv players told me to), but it would seem a lot of people in this country still have doubts about the government’s need to count us all (or downright fears). Whatever the case, the American census is always a tricky political animal, one that occasionally turns deadly.

But we ain’t got nothing on India. As I write this, a bureaucratic army of 2.5 million people—armed, I assume, with deadly clipboards—is spreading across the subcontinent in an effort to account for the estimated 1.2 billion citizens of India. That seems hard enough, but there’s more: The Indian government wants to fingerprint every Indian over 15 and issue them an ID card, including the millions of homeless, wherever they live.

This is the single largest bureaucratic undertaking in the history of the world (except for NOBAMA’s SOCIALIST-MARXIST HEALTH GULAGS, obvs).