Your Fat State Legislator Is Going On a Diet So You’ll Forget How Terrible a Politician He Is

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04/22/2010 4:43 PM |

How is horse?

  • “How is horse?”

That the American electorate is shallow, appearance-obsessed and easily duped is a truth universally acknowledged; ditto the endemic corruption and dysfunction of our state government in Albany. So, with anti-incumbent sentiment at an all-time high, many state legislators, facing tough reelection battles, are setting out to change voters’ perceptions of them. By going on diets. This says so much about so many things, really.

This is one story that would have been improved immeasurably if, for a change, the reporter had tried to convince any of his sources to go off the record: “‘O’Donnell is looking like a real porker these days—omigod you can’t tell him I said that,’ one source exclaimed.” “Another source, who spoke on condition of anonymity since it could compromise his relationship with his fellow legislators, cited a colleague who swears he heard from a junior staffer that he totally saw Senator Schneiderman, sticking his finger down his throat in the statehouse bathroom.” Et cetera.