Your Favorite 90s B-Movie About Giant Seismic Snakes is Now a Retro Video Game

04/07/2010 9:36 AM |

Tremerz, based on Tremors

In the new 8-bit video game adaptation of 1990 camp classic monster movie Tremors by programmer Tom Fulp and artist Johnny Utah, Tremerz, you control handsome construction worker Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon) and have to round up all the other characters while keeping as many of them as possible from being killed by the leaping snake-worm creatures just by jumping and running across the desert. It takes less than ten minutes to beat, and the only really hard part is the third level, but the more characters you can keep alive until the end, the more points you get, which will keep you playing a little longer. Plus it’s a beautifully executed and quirky little piece of video game art. Try it. (MetaFilter)