Your Weekend. At the Movies? At the Movies.

04/23/2010 8:55 AM |


The Losers: If you’re going to see just one 2010 movie about a team of badasses on a mission with some sort of revenge component, this will certainly be the first. Actually, while this adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic book doesn’t have the star and/or promotional power that will certainly be unleashed on behalf of this summer’s A-Team movie or even Stallone’s wildly-anticipated-at-least-by-me The Expendables, I can confirm that this one is actually pretty good if you like brightly colored mission movies that don’t take themselves especially seriously.

Oceans: I may have been spoiled for this DisneyNature documentary by watching a bit of Life a few weeks ago. Twist: the oceans are all the same ocean! Multiple personalities!

Boogie Woogie: I swear I hadn’t heard of this movie until like a week ago, but it sounds at least like a worthwhile curiosity, especially for its combination of cast members you would expect to find in an ensemble satire of the art world (Alan Cumming, Danny Huston, Gillian Anderson) and those you would absolutely not (Heather Graham, Christopher Lee). Also, the one figure whose presence transcends whether or not you expect her to appear in an ensemble satire of the art world: Amanda Seyfried. Maybe this will be her mythical first good movie of 2010.

The Back-Up Plan: The perfect title for a Jennifer Lopez movie, because it seems like that’s what her film career has become: a back-up plan in case her music career starts to falter. Only it has started to falter, and now her back-up is looking poorly maintained, if it puts her in an on-purpose lady version of Knocked Up. With each passing year, it gets trickier to defend Lopez as an actress, who, honestly, I thought should’ve gotten awards for her work in Out of Sight. Maybe it’s just a case of every single goddamn thing about that movie being great, but even so, she was in a movie with George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Steve Zahn, Ving Rhames, Catherine Keener, Luis Guzman, Dennis Farina—basically every awesome character actor in the world—and more than held her own. Now her costar is some kind of Australian beauty product named Alex O’Loughlin. I know she’s trying to play to her fanbase (or her perceived fanbase, anyway), but I think for her next movie, J-Lo needs to rob herself a bank, or get into a fight, but not some fight where she’s defending herself against a crazy stalker or something.

Paper Man: In what I’m eighty percent sure isn’t just a retitled re-release of the Jeff Daniels therapy vehicle The Answer Man, Daniels plays a completely different estranged writer; this one forms a friendship with Emma Stone instead of Lauren Graham, which at least changes the type of midlife crisis this could be about, and has an imaginary superhero friend played by Ryan Reynolds. Ah ha: so it was Jeff’s idea to cast Reynolds as the Green Lantern. I feel like if you’re going to see this movie, you should get The Answer Man for free.