A Note to Bands, Regarding My Taste in Press Kits and Candy

05/06/2010 3:22 PM |

Hey, bands? I promise you, there is no better way to appear amateurish and absolutely not worth my time than by sending a copy of your CD along with an elaborate press kit featuring a cover letter, stickers, a full-color one-sheet printed on card stock, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for when I want to send you tear-sheets of all the awesome things you think I might write about you. But that said, if you do all those things and include a giant, individually packaged Lemonhead? Well, then fine, I will consider listening to your record. So, well done, band that just did that. Those things are delicious.

One Comment

  • I get all sorts of crazy things and I still listen to every record as I never know when I’ll hear a band that doesn’t realize how great they actually are.