Actual Dog in Running for Governor of Texas, Will Secede if Elected

05/05/2010 10:31 AM |

Woodrow the Governor Dog

  • I will make Rick Perry my bitch.

Texan politics is full of crazy (not quite to the extent of Arizona politics, which is more just evil, but still). A rescue mutt from Austin, name of Woodrow, is throwing his hand—OR SHOULD I SAY PAW (HAHAHAHAHA)—into the ring for the governorship. Woodrow qualifies under Texan law as he’s been a resident of the state for five years and is over 35—IN DOG YEARS (HAHAHAHAHA). Money from Woodrow’s burgeoning campaign will go to help Austin Pets Alive, which seeks to keep Austin Pets Alive. Woodrow’s already raised over $2,000 from the sale of t-shirts alone.

To which I say, purrrrr-fect. Get it? HAHAHAHAHA. Film at eleven. Goodnight, Wendy.