As Usual, Everyone But Diddy Great in Diddy’s New Video, “Hello Good Morning”

05/13/2010 8:47 AM |

Diddy Hello Good Morning

Hello, good morning. The official video for “Hello Good Morning,” the next single off Diddy’s upcoming Last Train to Paris record (out June 29) with his group Dirty Money, dropped this morning (watch it after the jump). The song, a Timbaland-Danja co-production, is nice and epic, and guest verses by T.I. (who can do no wrong right now) and Rick Ross (whom Diddy now manages even though he’s on a different label) are top-notch, which is why they must have cut Diddy’s actual verse down to like four bars right at the end, when the song’s huge and dramatic techno-futurism goes all tweaky. Why exactly Swizz Beatz is there, given that he didn’t produce or try to rap (thank goodness), is anybody’s guess; but isn’t that part at the end, with the fireworks and the reflective floors, basically like every video Diddy made in the late 90s, except with more flickering? (NahRight)