Back By Feverish Demand: The L Magazine’s Horoscopes

05/25/2010 12:53 PM |

laps trinity

  • The only known image of Laps Trinity

About six weeks ago we got the following message at L Mag HQ deep under the Manhattan Bridge: “I need to go find something. And I’m not sure what. —Laps” It was scrawled on a piece of worn otter skin and it smelled. Of course, this is how we’ve been communicating with our astrologer extraordinaire, Laps Trinity, over the last decade. He’s gone on weird jaunts before (Patagonia, Qom, the Upper West Side) but he’s always managed to file his odd little horoscopes.

But for whatever reason, this time around we got nothing. And the people started to worry… Never ones to ignore public outcry, we set out to track Laps down and make him write the horoscopes again. Well, we found him sleeping in a pick-up truck in a diner parking lot just outside Suffern, New Jersey, making his way through the collected works of James A. Michener. Has he found what he’s looking for? No. But that’s good. The day he finds what he’s looking for is the day the horoscopes die forever.

So relax, Laps fans, the horoscopes will return in the June 6th issue, in all their oblique glory.

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