“Blazingly Talented” Carlos D Leaves Interpol

05/10/2010 9:14 AM |


In a note others are saying was published on their website, but which I can’t seem to find, formerly interesting band Interpol announced that bassist Carlos D, has decided to leave the band—to “follow another path,” they say. That path, I presume, involves scoring films and commercials, as he’s been doing for the past few years, and perhaps working on the follow-up to My Friends Told Me About You, a short film he wrote, directed and starred in last year. His split from the band was amicable—so amicable, in fact, that the rest of them remain “deeply respectful fans of this blazingly talented individual,” which seems like maybe a bit much, you know?

Anyway, in other Interpol news, they finished recording their new album (out in the fall, I’d guess), and they’ve got some tour dates planned for the summer, including a short stint with U2. They say they’ll have “exciting new recruits” and “illustrious players” on hand to replace Mr. D’s blazingly talented mustache.