Bloomie and The King, Part One: Tiny Jewish Man Woos Very Large Black Man

05/14/2010 3:51 PM |

king james

  • Lebron James will dunk on your ass.

That didn’t take very long. King LeBron James, of the Cleveland Roundheads, failed to lead his duchy to victory over the Boston Fenians and their Mistress of Gavotte, the Honorable Marquess of “Rondo.” And so it was that the Lord High Mayor of New York City (lex pecunia) Michael “Mike” Bloomberg entreated his Royal Majesty come to this faire Gotham for to play roundball (with the heads of his enemies). Quoth the Mayor (who is two feet tall when wet):

If he calls me and says, what’s it like to live in New York, I’ll give him a big sales pitch for New York. I love living in New York. My kids love living in New York. I think LeBron James would love living in New York.