Brooklyn Artist to Plant Corn on the Sidewalk, Perhaps Will Eventually Pop and Eat It During Viewing of Moonstruck

05/05/2010 3:41 PM |

old brooklyn map

In what is surely an act of deep faith in the better angels of Brooklyn’s nature, local artist Christina Kelly is setting up installations/raised garden beds on stretches of sidewalk on Smith and Bergen Streets. Insofar as the project seeks to reconnect Brooklynites with the land beneath their feet, Kelly has consulted archival maps of old Indian trails and planting grounds, and will be using heirloom seeds for a kind of Blue Corn traditionally grown by the indigenous Lenape Indians.

This all sounds real nice, but I got a little worried (and then just sad) when I got to this quote from Kelly, who is apparently much more optimistic about the human race than I am:

I just hope people will take care of the them. Don’t step on them or pull on the plants.

Yeah, me too.