Brooklyn Artist’s Wavy Times Square Pedestrian Plaza Design Coming Soon

05/24/2010 10:30 AM |

Molly Dilworth for Times Square

A pavement painting proposal by Brooklyn-based artist Molly Dilworth, who paints large murals and rooftop forms that can barely be taken in by the human eye but are perfect for satellites, has been selected for the stretch of Broadway’s pedestrian plaza in Times Square. Her design, “Cool Water, Hot Island” (pictured), resembles a giant, psychedelic, pixelated wave crashing on the congested tourist plaza, Day After Tomorrow-style, and should stretch along Broadway from 42nd Street to 47th Street when it’s completed by mid-July.

Dilworth’s design, based on NASA heat maps of Manhattan, was selected from a field of 150 proposals, and in addition to seeing her vision brought to the Midtown millions (no word on what kind of disruptions the painting process will cause), and she received a $15,000 prize for the win. (Streetsblog, Post, Transportation Nation)