Brooklyn, the Borough of Beer, is Returning to Its Roots

05/12/2010 4:01 PM |


Did you know that at one point, around the turn of the last century, there were 45 breweries in Brooklyn, accounting for over ten percent of the nation’s beer supply? That’s kind of awesome. Though we’ll probably never get back to the national prominence big Brooklyn breweries like Schaefer, Piels and Ballantine, it’s nice to see historic Brooklyn beer culture getting the props it deserves.

To wit, the William Ulmer Brewery Complex in Bushwick was given full-on landmark status yesterday and was cited, blandly, as “one of many examples of New York City’s rich industrial past.” Yes, well. At its peak production at the beginning of the last century, the Ulmer Brewery, on Belvidere and Locust Streets, pumped out 3.2 million gallons of beer a year, making Brooklynites wittier and far more attractive than they otherwise were.

With the resurgence of local brewing in Brooklyn over the last decade, it’s nice to see the borough’s long tradition of beery excellence so honored… [Sorry, getting choked up over here.]