CBGB’s Legendary Bathroom to Be Recreated By Artist

05/19/2010 1:36 PM |

cbgbs bathroom

It was sad when CBGB shut down a few years back and was replaced by a boutique. Not because CBGB had been relevant in the years immediately proceeding its demise, but because it was one of the birth places of Downtown America, that nebulous place where the cool kids went to get fucked up and make art. So perhaps it’s fitting that its legendary graffiti-scarred bathroom will be recreated as a museum piece this summer by artist Justin Lowe, in Hartford, Connecticut of all places.

Punk is not dead, but it is history. (One can only imagine aging, slightly deaf ur-scenesters dragging their plaintive progeny to this installation to show them where “Daddy wrote his name right before he threw up on Lenny Kaye.”)