Celebrate Anthology Film Archives’s 40th Anniversary with Sonic Youth, Lou Reed, Moby, and Kenneth Anger’s Band

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05/19/2010 11:15 AM |


If you happen to have a spare $99 and no plans for tonight, you should know that Anthology Film Archives is hosting a 40th Anniversary Celebration/benefit at the Hiro Ballroom. Sonic Youth is there—they’ve frequently been involved in multimedia avant-garde performance pieces; Thurston Moore has curated screenings at Anthology—as is Lou Reed, for that 40-year-old downtown odor, and Moby (you know, for kids). And Technicolor Skull. What is Technicolor Skull? Technicolor Skull is Kenneth Anger’s band. Kenneth Anger has a band. Technicolor Skull, is the name of Kenneth Anger’s band. He plays the theremin. Their myspace page has one song. It is called, semi-predictably, “Invokation,” and is two minutes of electronic drone and squall. (I would give it “Three Els,” if we gave star ratings to music reviews.) If you want to hear more than two minutes of Kenneth Anger’s band, I’m afraid you’re going to have to suck it up and support the world’s greatest avant-garde and experimental cinematheque while also sitting through Sonic Youth and Lou Reed. Sorry.