City Stops Construction of Long Island City’s Rooftop Farm

05/17/2010 12:05 PM |

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Shortly after I blogged optimistically on Friday about the group of urban farmers from Bushwick locavore pizzeria Roberta’s planting a giant veggie patch on a rooftop in Long Island City, the city Department of Buildings shut down construction on the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm. According to the Times, the DoB issued the stop work order because the appropriate permits had not been issued, specifically pertaining to whether or not the structure of the building could support million or so pounds of engineered soil being lifted onto its roof—which, okay, fair enough. When exactly construction, planting and growing of delicious, organic, local veggies will continue is unclear. Until then, there’s always the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm (pictured). (Brownstoner)