Coming Soon to Outdoor Festivals in the Woods: Urinals Mounted on Trees!

05/13/2010 9:58 AM |

P-Tree movable urinal

Utrecht-based designer Sam van Veluw wants to reduce porta-potty waiting lines at big outdoor events (like Summerscreen?) by turning trees into temporary urinals using his P-Tree prototype. His website for the project is all in Dutch, but the images are fairly self-explanatory: urinal bowls are strapped to trees at the site, they are all connected to a movable rubber plumbing system that goes… somewhere else, and when the event is over they’re taken down and moved or stored in a fraction of the space a conventional porta-potty requires. Plus you (well, half of you) get to pee outdoors, which is always nicer. (NOTCOT)

One Comment

  • absolutely classic! clever and amusing too! I am involved in organising and supplying to a number of outdoor events and I love this idea / concept! My name is Alex