Cop Commits Sex Assault While on Desk Duty Pending Investigation of Sex Assault

05/19/2010 3:21 PM |

Go Bomm-uhz!

  • Go Bomm-uhz!

A woman accused Police Officer Oscar Sandino of compelling her to perform a sex act (with him? for him? to him?) in a station house restroom in 2008. (This was after he had made her take off her clothes back at the Queens home where he’d arrested her boyfriend.)

The Associated Press reports:

Sardino told the woman she would be jailed and lose custody of her children, court papers say. He also said he “would prevent those things from happening if she had sex with him,” they add.

She reported it the next day. Internal Affairs took him off active duty while they investigated the charge. (They discovered he’d threatened another woman with jail time, for her cousin, if she didn’t have sex with him in 2006!) In 2009, while reduced to “booking suspects in Brooklyn,” he allegedly took another woman, who’d been arrested for disorderly conduct, into a backroom and made her raise her shirt while he touched himself.

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