Courtney Love is Back on Twitter! And She’s Giving Frances Bean Boy Advice!

05/11/2010 10:03 AM |


Courtney Love had another one of her classic Twitter freakouts yesterday, this one directed at her estranged daughter, Frances Bean. What set her off, apparently, was seeing a photo of the 17-year-old hanging out at Coachella, holding hands with a dude who’s rumored to be her boyfriend. “He looks sweet and like your dad actually,” she tweeted, before doing the over-protective parent thing: “I really hope that boy is as nice as his sweet face, cos iff not ill get him,” “If hes an alpha and hes treating you bad, i will give him one of my very special looks reserved for those whose blood needs to turn to ice,” and, of course, “Dont buy yourself jewelry EVER. ive told you that.” She also apologizes multiple times for using Twitter. She has her reasons, it seems, but I do not understand what they are, because her grasp of the English language is tenuous at best.

My favorite part of the whole thing, is when she does the sad victim thing: “Because of this nonsense and then my archetype and job and ‘batshitness’ im always the bad one, as usual, always the street girl.” Yeah, Courtney, you’re right: The reason you’re “the bad one” is not that you are a middle-aged woman with the emotional maturity of a 14-year-old, or that the best way you can think to get in touch with the daughter you lost custody of is to write a bunch of incoherent bullshit on a website for the entire world to see. It’s because of your archetype and because of your job. The whole idiotic thing is after the jump. You’ll want to start from the bottom in order for it to make even a shred of sense.

im going to chant now ill pribably delete half of these but the boy stuff you need to hear only from me, wendy is too boycrazy.

and if as a MAN he doesnt treat you like the GOddess you ARE. cut it, lastly i miss you more than anyone has ever missed much.

dont take any shit from that boy, and dont have an assnt as a bf, have a peer, if hes not a prince and a MAN he doesnt deserve you, period.

again my deepest apologies for using twitter for fucks sake, i dont even use it anymore but i cannot trust 18 year olds to be accurate w you

so at the very least please clear my name i dont think you . i know you dont want other people to think things that arent true.

i pray everyday you will chant again, & find your way back to the law of cause & affect and be wise enough to see our karma &transform it

autonomy . carrie once said when you were just 4 youd be like me looking for the big hug, BE THE MAN YOU WANT TO MARRY! BE IT!

your relationships should not be abput getting “saved” they should be as strong and secure as your relationship to yourself. love yourself 1

i know you are mad at me for not marrying e. but he never made me laugh.maqke sure you laugh alot, and try to have a spiritual connection !

and again im extremely sorry to use TWITTER but i saw you holding hands in Coachella wich was coach HELLA for me, and my stomach turned.

you shouldnt have to vye for him, dont dont dont stay with him if hes a beta, you need to be challenged, kept in line just a little.

dont get him presents and dont vye for him, dont overtext( im very guilty of that one i think its a letter and its NOT they hate it) allofem

how shallow is he? how much is about you making him cool? NOTHING? awesome! dont buy yourself jewelry EVER. ive told you that.

i know what kind of boy youve always liked, and im afraid of you falling into the trap of simply being worshipped and not having an equal.

with any man ever, again, youve seen it done to me before seen someones try to acquitre me like apiece of art or tame me like a puppy.

like a backstreet girl, and sometimes like a bitch, and its not allowed anymore, i have summed up the courage to just go if that goes on.

but because of this nonsense and then my archetype and job and “batshitness” im always the bad one, as usual, always the street girl.

i wish i was stronger and i am getting my strength together to cut anything beneath me. if its not worthy of me i will cut. ok?Nuff said.

when its not your frame it sucks, i have as you can imagine vast vast abandonement issues wich make me weaker than normal.

so cryptically between us ill tell you on the fb page since you care, im not an enabler & im not enabled, so thats all, its never my frame.

you asked me if i was being “treated well” i cant say on twitter, im sad i said anything but trusting 18 year olds to translate is nightmare

give them a little time and if they dont man up then woman out, thats my advice to you and dont date a slave, or an assnt, thats no fun

i know you have that in you, if hes not treating you like the Goddess you are baby , get the hell out, do not settle. do NOT settle.

and i give the look before i walk they never see it coming, they think im so vulnerable because i am and then after treating me like shitBAM

i will give him one of my very special looks reserved for those whose blood needs to turn to ice, even i have a breaking point and i walk.

if he cant suit up and have a balanced perspective and if hes just blindly being a beta male , ick if hes an alpha and hes treating you bad

theres plenty of fish in the sea lining up for both of us who will treat us like princesses& not like 2nd class citizens, or damaged goods

i really hope that boy is as nice as his sweet face, cos iff not ill get him, your just like me in almost every way and i know you hate it,

i love you soprry to take to the world wide ethernet but i love you and i dont know how to tell you without telling one of the pack , madly.

lets try and use judy so i dont have to fucking go on TWITTER. i dont even use this thing and im sure this will be in some bs news feed

the last thing i lpok forewArd to in this life is any trial but im a good mother and i wont allow you to believe such nonsense so suit up.

i love you and i will fight for you i though if i bore up and was sxtrong for six mos youd get over it but obviously its just inflamed you,

sorry to state this publically but i wont stand accused of such implications or tolerate making 3 on worst mothers list. thanks to this, no.

i hope he takes care of you and you look beuatiful even thoiugh you have an angry furrow i think thats called your “lawyer lie” furrow!

last of my twitter relapse, bean i saw you at coachella with isaihia in a pic he looks sweet and like your dad actually.hope alls well