East Village Schools Planting City’s Next Rooftop Farm

05/20/2010 9:14 AM |

Lil Urban Farmer

A new project for a rooftop farm atop an East Village school will be cranking out dozens of lil’ urban farmers (pictured) every year, with construction due to start on the Robert Simon Complex at East 6th Street and Avenue B in the fall, for a first planting season about a year from now. According to the Architect’s Newspaper, the project was designed by Michael Arad, who designed the World Trade Center memorial and whose kid attends one of the three schools housed in the building, and will feature 3,000 square feet of farming space. Kids will grow veggies for the school cafeteria, learn about nutrition and generally make the world a better place. Then they’ll all go start the next wave of major rooftop farms all over the city and save us all. Yay, kids! (Curbed)