Expensive Artist for Expensive Fashion House: Anish Kapoor Designs Shiny Ring for Bulgari

05/07/2010 3:41 PM |

Anish Kapoor ring for Bulgari

While Whitney Biennial darling Aurel Schmidt was designing trashy-cool white Ts for the hipster set’s new fashion fav Opening Ceremony, and Shepard Fairey was getting in trouble for using a public art space to promote his wares (an accusation he’s not too pleased with), international art star and creator of large, rounded, often reflective things Anish Kapoor was designing a pink gold and steel limited edition ring for Bulgari.

Though the cost of said ring—whose name, B.zero1 (pictured), seems more appropriate for a West Chelsea supperclub, or one of those giant stainless steel, energy-saving fridges, or a pair of really fancy snowboard pants, or… you get the point—hasn’t been released yet, it’s presumably a little more than your average OBEY hoodie or $60 Aurel Schmidt for Opening Ceremony shirt. But honestly, I don’t see how anyone could spend more than $5 on something that, no matter how shiny, sounds like a new Gatorade flavor. (ArtInfo)